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Supervised Alternative Learning Pre-Placement & Safety Training

DSBN WHMIS Test Instructions:

You must successfully demonstrate an understanding of WHMIS by
achieving an 80% or higher


1.      Go to www.dsbn.org
2.      Log on using regular school log in and take the WHMIS test

NOTE: You need to earn 80% on test or you will have to re-do it

Workplace Safety:

It is in everyone's interests to prevent injuries and fatalities in the workplace. Watch the video below.

Click here to watch the safety video

Confidentiality In The Workplace:

Confidentiality is critical in all workplaces. Watch the video link below and then email your coooperative education teacher providing an email summary of your thoughts from viewing the video and comment on specific examples of information at your placement that is confidential. You can find a link to your teachers email at the bottom of this page.

Click here to watch Confidentiality Video

Resume & Cover Letter Samples

Download a copy of each resume to use as a template. 




Teacher Email

 When you are done you can email the file to your teacher at the email links below:

Mr. Wilson

Other SAL information:

Visit the link below to get more information on this program:

SAL Info

SAL Teacher Contact Info:

Andrew Wilson - School - 905- 687-7301 Ext. 65761