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Collegiate's ESL program offers students small class sizes where individual attention and some one-on-one teaching can happen to accommodate the diverse needs of the students.  The English Language Learners at Collegiate range in age from 14 years old to 20 and speak a wide variety of languages: Ahmeric, Arabic. Cantonese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog – to name a few.  Each level ranging from the beginner Level A classes to the more advanced Level E is specially tailored to meet the wide range of language and learning needs of its students while respecting cultural diversity.



Critical Areas of Learning 

  • Reading: Read and demonstrate an understanding of a variety of reading materials for different purposes,  use and learn strategies to build vocabulary, and learn to locate and extract relevant information from written and graphic texts

  • Writing: Write in a variety of forms for different purposes and audiences, organize ideas, use correct English conventions and stages of the writing process

  • Listening: Use understand, interpret, and evaluate spoken English appropriate language structures for social and classroom purposes

  • Speaking: Use appropriate language structures correctly to communicate for a variety of classroom and social purposes.

  • Socio-cultural Competence and Media Literacy: Use English and non-verbal communication strategies appropriately for a variety of purposes; demonstrate an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizenship while adapting to the Ontario education system; demonstrate and understanding of, interpret, and create a variety of media works