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It is important for students to be aware and have an understanding of the history, cultures, world views, and contributions of Aboriginal peoples in Canada.  This program also allows students the opportunities to problem solve and develop critical thinking skills that they can carry forward into post-secondary education, the world of work, and in their roles as active citizens. 


  • NBE3C1
  • NAC1O1/2O1


Critical Areas of Learning

  • Identity: One of the most important questions to ask is "Who am I?" This question of particular concern to Aboriginal youth and all Canadians.

  • Challenges: Reclaim, reassert, and further develop the identity, relationships, and sovereignty they have held.

  • Relationships: Exploring the spiritual and cultural connections between Aboriginal peoples and the land.

  • Sovereignty: Understanding the traditional definition of Aboriginal governments and sovereignty, and applying them to the current context.

  • Methods of Historical Inquiry: Investigate topics and issues, research and evaluate information, and effectively communicate the results