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How will I pay for my post-secondary education?

According to the article, "Tips for Landing Free Money" by Linda White, millions of dollars of scholarships go unawarded every year due to a lack of applicants.The following tips are offered in the article:
1. Register on a scholarship website in Grade 11 to give yourself enough time to meet the scholarships requirements.
2. Be prepared. Many scholarships require letters of reference, resumes and other documents.
3. Make a short list. There are thousands of scholarships available. If you make a shortlist, you can determine if you are interested in applying.
4. Make contact with scholarship administrators. Even if you're not sure whether you meet the criteria for an award, it doesn't hurt to discuss your eligibility.
5. Apply. There is money available if you put the effort into finding it.



For a list of all available scholarships, use this link:  DSBN Scholarship page

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

The Ontario Student Assistance Program site is up and running for the 2018 school year. Details, as well as a grant and loan 'estimator' for the newly re-designed Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) are now available. 

Use the link below to find out more:


An OSAP application workshop will take place in April, (date tbd) with a Financial Aid  expert from Niagara College. The information provided in this workshop will apply to any Ontario College or University.

If you need additional support in getting your application started, this workshop is for you.Please sign up in the Guidance Office for this session.


The Ontario First Generation Bursary is funded by the Government of Ontario and distributed by publicly funded colleges of applied arts and technology and universities in Ontario. Applicants who are the first in their family to pursue a college/university education or apprenticeship may be eligible for an Ontario First Generation Student Bursary. First Generation Bursary


Some students may qualify for the Indigenous Student Bursary. Use the following link to find out more.
Indigenous Student Bursary

Other Online Resources





Collegiate Awards

These awards are for our students--someone attending Collegiate is going to win!

The Kiwanis Scholarship is a $1000 prize guaranteed to a Collegiate grad.  Come down to Guidance to pick up your application form.  It is due May 30th!