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Second language learning research confirms “knowledge of a second language strengthens students’ ability to communicate and participate effectively in the workplace, enhances problem-solving and reasoning skills, and increases students’ ability to understand themselves and other people.” (The Ontario Curriculum French as a Second Language)

At St. Catharines Collegiate we offer the core French program from grades 9-12. The French language program focuses on the development of oral communication, reading and writing skills through interaction with various texts, forms of media and each other. It takes time and patience to learn a second language, at Collegiate we this experience fun and engaging by using various types of activities and SMARTboard technology. Students will have the opportunity to learn and grow together as they delve into the French language and the French culture.

We also offer Spanish from grades 10-12. Spanish is among the leading languages in the world, spoken by over 500 million people worldwide. At Collegiate oral communication, reading and writing are all developed through various activities that teach us the culture as well as the language.

Why should we learn Another Language?

Being able to speak another language (whether French, Spanish or another language) allows you to communicate with other people and learn about other cultures. It opens doors for us through both work and travel giving people an advantage over others who only speak one language. Knowing French or Spanish is a skill worth putting on a resume and could help a great deal when applying for jobs.

Learning French or Spanish as a second language helps us master our understanding of English as we learn. We learn the origins of some English words and can better master English grammar while we learn grammar in another language.

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