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One of the things that makes Collegiate so great is that we understand how important it is to reach across our differences and embrace people who are different from ourselves. Students at this school understand that while we may be different because of our heritage, race, faith, ability, or socio-economic status, we have something in common that makes us a community: no matter who else we are, we are Saints and we stand together against exclusion and intolerance.

Sexual orientation and gender identity are parts of our identity that make us unique. Every Wednesday, in room 224, a student group called Positive Spaces, meet to ensure that students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning have a positive experience at school. GSA is a group for all students, gay and straight, who wish to protect the values we share as Collegiate Saints: values of compassion, understanding, peace, and acceptance.

Be an ally to your LGBTQ classmates and attend GSA every Wednesday in room 311. New members are always welcome!