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  • Music Monday at Meridian Centre

    by Heather Addy | May 08, 2018

    Collegiate participated in the Music Monday festivities at the Meridian Centre.  Our students did a great job with the repertoire class performing a medley of Earth, Wind and Fire songs.  Many of our students were featured in the video of student interviews.  Rebecca Rocco did a fabulous job emceeing with a BDSS student.  Jacob Cronkwright conducted the over 400 music students, which is no easy feat!  He did an amazing, especially considering there were close to 1000 people watching him, on top of the 400 students!

    Music Monday

  • Skills Award Celebration

    by Heather Addy | Apr 19, 2018
    Collegiate was well represented at this year's Annual Technology & Skills Award Dinner Banquet.  BIG CONGRATS to Antonio Romero on winning the "District Champion" for baking.  Murphy Lau was the silver medalist for Culinary Arts.  The bronze medal for Hairstyling went to Olivia Moreau and Joseph Waterman also won bronze for Precision Machining.  Great effort by all!!

    Skills Dinner 1 Skills Dinner 2
    Skills Dinner 3Skills Dinner 4

  • Mrs. Lancaster Soars with Rowing

    by Heather Addy | Apr 09, 2018

    A BIG congratulations to Collegiate's own Mrs. Lancaster who was named Masters Oarswoman of the Year by the St. Catharines Rowing Club.  A well deserved award for  such a hard working volunteer and athlete!

  • Culinary Champs!!

    by Heather Addy | Apr 09, 2018

    Over the weekend Murphy "WOW" Lau competed in the Culinary Skills regional Final where he won GOLD!!  He becomes the first DSBN Culinary student to advance past the Regional Final. Murphy and Antonio Romero (gold medalist in Baking) will be moving on to the Provincal competition taking place in Toronto May 7-9. BIG congrats to both of them as they have worked very hard to prepare for these competitions.

  • Drama Festival Award Winners

    by Heather Addy | Mar 19, 2018
    The Niagara District National Theatre School Drama Festival recently announced the winners for the following awards:

    NTS Award of Merit
    1st Place: Jacob Butler & Company for Set Design and Construction

    NTS Award of Excellence
    4th Place: Alexis Sinnett as Hayden for Outstanding Performance in a comedy 

    NTS Ontario Stage Management Award
    Marianne Vongboutdy

    Press Theatre Award for Best New Play
    Nothing Left Undead

    Congrats to all!


  • Art Show Interviews

    by Heather Addy | Mar 09, 2018
    Check out the link below to see how well Collegiate was represented at this year's Art Show.

  • Art Show

    by Heather Addy | Mar 06, 2018

    Collegiate was represented at the opening of the Journey to Healing and Empowerment Art Show that is on now at the Doubletree Fallsview resort. This show is sponsored by the Coalition to End Violence Against Women and is run in conjunction with International Women's Day. The show runs from March 5 to 7 from 3 - 6:00.  We have 14 pieces of art on exhibit. Some of the students were also interviewed by Cogeco. Great Job SAINTS!!
    Alana BaptistDavid Chiangtong
    Karina HannusMaryida Brownlie

  • Faith captures BRONZE

    by Heather Addy | Mar 01, 2018
    Congratulations to Faith Mogridge on winning the bronze medal at SOSSA.  Faith is on to her next journey this weekend participating in the Ontario Winter Games held in Orillia.  Great job Faith!!
  • Yoon Shin Update

    by Heather Addy | Feb 09, 2018

    Dear Collegiate staff,

    Hi this is Yoon Shin from South Korea.

    I'm not sure whether you still remember me (I hope so...) or not, but I graduated in 2016 and started studying at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), which is a 'university-like' special institution in Korea dedicated to scientific research and development. I'm double majoring Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

    KAIST is a rapidly growing university with unlimited support for every research projects. Last year, my school was selected as the most innovative university in Asia Pacific in 2017.

    I'm here studying with a full-scholarship!

    For about two years, I've been working on two individual projects. One with rocket engines utilizing what's called 'green propellants' under consideration of our environment. I submitted my paper in the aerospace journal last year and was published (finally!). Also, I'm developing astronomical equipment for amateur astronomers.

    My goal for this year is to refine my devices, lower the cost, and start selling them for amateur astronomers at reasonable price so that everyone can gaze up the stars more easily.

    Also this year, I will start my last semester in undergraduate course. In Waterloo Mechanical Engineering!

    Our student exchange program is associated with UWaterloo and they selected me as a final candidate for exchange research fellow due to the fact that I've studied in Canada for three years.

    It was such a long introduction... but I wanted to tell you my recent works, just in case Mr.McCormack and Mr. Bates would like to know.

    I still miss St. Catharines and beautiful sunsets at Lake Ontario.

     Take care and I hope to see everyone soon.


    Yoon Shin

  • International Education at Collegiate

    by Heather Addy | Jan 31, 2018

    Please click on the link below for information on our International and ESL educational programs here at Collegiate.



    by Heather Addy | Dec 07, 2017
    Congrats to our chess team who showed very well at the EL Crossley Tournament.  Our co-ed team placed first! Way to go SAINTS.....Check Mate!

  • Football All-Stars

    by Heather Addy | Dec 01, 2017

    Justin DeFaria was an easy choice as the most valuable player of the Niagara Region High School Athletic Association Tier 2 Football League.

    “We all agreed the league-wide MVP was DeFaria from Grimsby,” St. Catharines Collegiate head coach Nathan Greene said. “The ultimate compliment to a football player is having the opposition scheme for your play. No doubt all Tier 2 teams did this for DeFaria and had little success containing him.”

    The 6-foot-1, 195-pound kicker/receiver scored 16 touchdowns to lead the league by a wide margin and almost quadrupled the five majors he scored for South Lincoln in the 2016 season. He also made six of seven field goal attempts, including one from 44 yards out. In a 34-22 semifinal victory over Collegiate, DeFaria recorded all 34 points and had a game-clinching interception with 1:17 left in the game with Grimsby leading 27-22. He also had a strong game as Grimsby beat Eden 14-7 in the championship game to finish with an overall record of 7-1.

    “Not very often are you lucky enough to get to coach a talent like his and he’s a mismatch for anyone,” Grimsby coach Zack Silverthorne said. “Even when we know they are trying to take him out of the game, he still finds a way to create.”

    The Grade 12 student prepared for the high school season by playing wide receiver with the Hamilton Ironmen of the Ontario Varsity Football League.

    “Last year, he decided to focus on football and leave soccer behind,” Silverthorne said. “The extra coaching and game time during the summer really improved his skill development.”

    Guelph, McMaster and York have all expressed an interest in DeFaria and Guelph recently had him on campus to attend a kicking clinic.

    “He’s had a season to remember,” Silverthorne said.

    Unfortunately, for other teams in the Tier 2 league, DeFaria is planning on playing one more year of high school football.

    DeFaria was also named an all-star at the receiving and kicking position. BP Sports Niagara asked Tier 2 football coaches to select an all-star team and their choices are shown below.

    “These all-stars are the leaders of our football programs,” Greene said. “They all have worked hard, demonstrated top level football skill, leadership and perseverance.

    “They are the standouts of our teams and we are proud to have them represent our schools as high school football all-stars for 2017.

    Quarterback: Jon Emmorey, St. Catharines Collegiate; Andrew Scott, Governor Simcoe.

    Running back: Chris Ciede, St. Catharines Collegiate; Evan Langendoen, Eden;  Remy Gavanac, Governor Simcoe.

    Receiver: DeFaria and Mike Killins, Grimsby; Jonathan Huys, Eden; Danny Lewis and Joe Fusek, Governor Simcoe.

    Offensive line: Noah Penner and Trevor Saunders, St. Catharines Collegiate; Spencer Gillies, Grimsby; Zach Anderson, Governor Simcoe; Max Vahrmeyer, Eden.

    Defensive back: John Hartwell, St. Catharines Collegiate; Brady Beijas, Grimsby; Madison Salmond and Evan Rowntree, Eden; Johnny Othman, Governor Simcoe.

    Linebacker: Lucas Clarkson, Grimsby; Will Bonner and Jason Daniel, Eden.

    Defensive line: Connor Craftchick, Grimsby; Sam Pynn and Ben Meier, Eden; Robert Smith, St. Catharines Collegiate.

    Kicker: DeFaria, Grimsby.

  • Fitness Centre Fundraiser

    by Heather Addy | Nov 30, 2017
    We're getting close to our goal!  Help raise funds to support Collegiate's own Fitness Centre.  Purchase T-shirts for $15.00 or Hoodies for $35.00.  Orders can be placed thru school cash online.  Any questions see Mrs. White:  Lori.White@dsbn.org

    Physed Wear
  • Remembrance Day Poster Contest

    by Heather Addy | Nov 22, 2017
    Congratulations to the following students who entered the Royal Canadian Legion's Remembrance Day Poster Contest.  Margaryta Shargorodska finished in 1st place and will be moving on to the next level of competition while Zach Peters received an honorable mention.  Way to go SAINTS!
  • Sean Winterbottom: DSBN Cafeteria Employee of the Month!

    by Heather Addy | Nov 09, 2017
    A well-deserved award goes to Sean Winterbottom for the being the "Employee of the Month" for DSBN cafeteria.  Keep up the great work Sean!
    Winterbottom Pic
  • Collegiate's Own Mr. Ianiero

    by Heather Addy | Nov 09, 2017

    ST. CATHARINES — Ontario University Athletics named Lucio Ianiero of Brock University the Coach of the Year (West) in men’s soccer.  Ianiero led the Badgers to their first playoff appearance since 2011. The team posted a record of 6-8-2.  Ianiero played for the Hamilton Steelers in the original Canadian Soccer League and was the league’s 12th top scorer with nine goals.  He played two seasons in the American Professional Soccer League for the Toronto Blizzard in 1993 and Toronto Rockets in 1994.  He was then a long-time member of the St. Catharines Wolves, playing for them from 1995 to his retirement in 2006.  He was also named an OUA All-Star in 1992 as a member of Brock University.

  • Culinary CHAMPS!!

    by Heather Addy | Nov 07, 2017

    WOW! Our Collegiate Saints won the ROYAL WINTER FAIR High School Chef Competition held in Toronto yesterday. A job very well done by Antonio, Ellie, Stella and Murphy.  The winning dish was a "Green Salad Hand Roll w/ Cherry Tomato Jam & Balsamic Reduction."  AMAZING JOB CHEFS!!

    Food Pic

    Royal Winter FairRoyal Winter Fair2

  • Remembrance Day Ceremony

    by Tammy Zonneveld | Nov 06, 2017
    All are welcome to attend the Remembrance Day Assembly on Friday, Nov. 10 at 10:15am in the auditorium at St. Catharines Collegiate.
  • Volleyball CHAMPS!

    by Heather Addy | Oct 30, 2017
    Congratulations to our boys volleyball team who won the Tier 2 volleyball tournament on Thursday Oct. 26.  Great team effort boys!

    Team shot cropped and straightened
  • Lockdown Drill

    by Tammy Zonneveld | Oct 26, 2017
    Today, St. Catharines Collegiate held a Lockdown Drill as part of our Safe Schools Plan.  The drill went very well.  Staff and students followed the Lockdown procedures with a quick response time.  Our School Resource Officer was on site for the drill and has given positive feedback on how the drill was implemented. If there are any questions about Lockdown Drills or the Safe Schools Plan, please contact the office.

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