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Collegiate Students Build Bench for Harriet Tubman Elementary

by Sarah Falls | May 16, 2016
St. Catharines Collegiate Staff and Students designed and crafted a bench for Harriet Tubman Elementary School for their Grand Opening.  The bench was constructed by:

Cody Read 
Jesse Emond 
Cameron Morrison
Taylor Deguire

Under the guidance of:
Mr. John Gocking
Mr. Peter Clark
Ms. Liz Lancaster

iPhone Image 5F4F1F

We researched Harriet Tubman’s life and tried to use some of her background symbolically on the bench.  The White oak leaves represent the official tree of Maryland where Harriet Tubman began her life and struggles.  We chose the Baltimore Oriole and Chestnut-sided Warbler as the Oriole is the state bird and the other is a bird that is common in the area.  We chose the Maple Leaf for her Canadian connection and the Blue Jay and Cardinal as they are common and readily identifiable birds from our area.   The oak leaves are on the left and the Maple leaves are on the right as we as a culture read form left to right so she begins her journey in Maryland and her connection with this area ends on the right. 

Maryland side of the bench:
Bench south

Canadian side of the bench:
Bench north

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