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Yoon Shin Update

by Heather Addy | Feb 09, 2018

Dear Collegiate staff,

Hi this is Yoon Shin from South Korea.

I'm not sure whether you still remember me (I hope so...) or not, but I graduated in 2016 and started studying at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology), which is a 'university-like' special institution in Korea dedicated to scientific research and development. I'm double majoring Aerospace Engineering and Industrial Engineering.

KAIST is a rapidly growing university with unlimited support for every research projects. Last year, my school was selected as the most innovative university in Asia Pacific in 2017.

I'm here studying with a full-scholarship!

For about two years, I've been working on two individual projects. One with rocket engines utilizing what's called 'green propellants' under consideration of our environment. I submitted my paper in the aerospace journal last year and was published (finally!). Also, I'm developing astronomical equipment for amateur astronomers.

My goal for this year is to refine my devices, lower the cost, and start selling them for amateur astronomers at reasonable price so that everyone can gaze up the stars more easily.

Also this year, I will start my last semester in undergraduate course. In Waterloo Mechanical Engineering!

Our student exchange program is associated with UWaterloo and they selected me as a final candidate for exchange research fellow due to the fact that I've studied in Canada for three years.

It was such a long introduction... but I wanted to tell you my recent works, just in case Mr.McCormack and Mr. Bates would like to know.

I still miss St. Catharines and beautiful sunsets at Lake Ontario.

 Take care and I hope to see everyone soon.


Yoon Shin

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